I am a student at the Polytechnic, Nasarawa State. When I heard about the YESA program, I picked interest, although I didn’t know much about business, immediately registered with Livebridge Foundation.  We were 8 in my session for the program that took 3 weeks. The Facilitators were very professional and supportive, we learned more about business etiquettes, financial management, marketing skills etc, the workshop gave me a deep insight of business, made me see the benefit of setting my own business even with a small capital rather than depending in white collar job. I got the second position with;

  • a grant of NGN60,000
  • Livebridge Foundation registered my business with CAC
  • Mentoring/ Coaching

With this grant, I was able to purchase my modelling tools; the tweezers, diagonal pliers, ruler, clamp, blade etc.

So far, I have carried out 4 seminars in Luvu Madaki Primary School, Karu Local Government, Nasarawa State. Each session had about 30 students and I empowered the 3 best students and coach them, just like it was done for me at the YESA program.

Livebridge Foundation is a platform that supports and equips the youth in developing quality skills and helps them fulfil their dreams; educates, empowers, enlightens. Today I am my own boss, I pay my school fee and conveniently empower the less privileged around me, all thanks to Livebridge Foundation. The YESA program was an exciting experience all through, more awareness should be created for this program.

I greatly appreciate the entire team of Livebridge Foundation for their altruism, selflessness and genuine love for humanity.