Our Programs-Intervention for Good Health and Well-being Program

The GHAW-P Program is a core of LBH’s healthcare initiative which aims to improve accessibility, availability, affordability and demand for essentialhealthcare services. LiveBridge Foundation works with the most vulnerable communities, providing support to address the needs of affected families by:

-  promoting newborn care

-  reducing malnutrition in children, decrease infant and maternal mortality rates

- protecting those affected by or susceptible to HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis amongst, especially the youth.

- Improving basic health literacy which has significant influence on the health perception of the target communities.

LiveBridge together with Health organizations and healthcare professionals works to Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.To improve access and support people in vulnerable communities, LBF makes targeted product and financial contributions to GHAW-P program run by local partners that are designed to be sustainable in the long term. We also encourage our partners and employees to volunteer their time and expertise. Health for all people, all over the world, is an important part of sustainable development.

Since 2011, LBF has impacted more than 3,000 women and children in across 20 communities and ethnicities.