Our Programs- Gift-A-Meal Soup Kitchen

Gift-a-Meal Soup kitchen is a project set up to feed the less privileged and at the same time empower young orphaned-girls by engaging them in the service of the Kitchen.As volunteers they get Monthly or Quarterly stipends which they put away for school fees or to start their own businesses. They also benefit from other empowerment programmers organized by the Foundation. We believe that feeding the hungry is not charity; it’s a social responsibility and these actions will benefit the society at large in:

1. Enabling street children go back to school

2. Reducing crime rate3. Making people feel cared for and loved

4. Opening minds and hearts to aspiring and achieving greater potentials

And Guess What?

They don't need a 3-course meal, or an expensive dinner, all they need is a nutritious meal once a day!

Who are they?

• Indigent and sick

• Indigent detainees

• Poor families

• Elderly

• Service/security personnel on duty during public holidays

• Your outreach target

Where are they?

• In the slums

• Hospitals

• Police cells

• On the streets

• Guiding our houses or offices

• At our places of worship

• Schools

• In your neighborhood

• Ministry or Medical outreach venues

What we do?

• Cook the meal

• Deliver to you for onward distribution

• Deliver on your behalf in your name

• Help you identify people in need in case you don't have the time.

How much does a meal cost?

1. Basic Meal (A plate of food+ 1 piece of meat + sachet water - N300

2. Standard Meal - (A plate of food + 2 pieces of meat or fish + water) - N500

3. Sumptuous Meal (A plate of food + chicken/fish + vegis + water + healthy      drink) - N1,000

Delivery cost will depend on location and quantity, and in some cases free

You can help through donations by

1. Identifying your choice category of persons and their location

2. Choosing a meal (Basic, Standard or Sumptuous)

3. Paying for a day's or week's or Month's meal

4. And then send us a message


  1. Fill the form by clicking on the link https://bit.ly/3tnUwRv and Contact us to confirm your order (Call/text: +234 708 324 4281)
  2. Place your order from 6am to 9am for same day delivery or from 1pm for next day delivery
  3. And we deliver to you or your select target at their location

Again be happy to know that our volunteers get stipends which they put away for school fees or to start their own businesses.

Ask for meal of the day;·      

• Jolllof Rice·      

• White Rice and stew·      

• Garri/Semo with egusi or okra soup or vegetable soup·      

• Beans Pottage·      

• Towon Masara and Kuka soup (baobab leaves soup)·      

• Terre (Gotte) - ( porridge made with acha (fonio) - a great meal for diabetics -

special order only


• Beef/goat meat·      

• Chicken·      

• Fish·      

• Veggies  

Vegetable soup (for the swallow)

Coleslaw (for rice)·      

• Healthy drinks