About LBF

The LiveBridge Charitable Foundation (LBF) has been in existence since 2011 through a team of care givers and volunteers with unwavering passion and commitment to provide succor to the less privileged through a range of empowerment programs aimed at alleviating hardships and help them to reach their full potentials.

LBF was fully incorporated as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in April 2016. The scope of our interventions is affiliated to similar organizations whose

innovative solutions and programs are geared towards improving the lives of the

deprived in our society.

Since inception, LBF has been able to impact over 40, 000 lives majorly women and

children across over 20 communities by offering a range of specialized programs

and projects (education, empowerment including caring and fostering, medicals –

therapy, psychological and counselling.) which benefit these individuals.

At LBF, we believe that the privilege of your blessing is to be a bless others. We

share our time, money, professionalism, value and other God-given resources to

provide leverage and relief for people who do not have access to basic


Livebridge Foundation is determined to deliver innovative new ways of building capacity in individuals by serving as a bridge between Nigeria's voluntary community and

the social enterprise sector.

LBF Vision Statement

We seek a world of hope and social equality where people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

LBF Mission Statement

Livebridge Foundation was established to help alleviate poverty and social exclusion by facilitating empowerment of under privileged communities.

  • To give a voice to the underprivileged through a range of empowerment programs aimed at helping them to reach their full potentials.- 

  • To give a voice to the underprivileged through a range of empowerment programs aimed at helping them to reach their full potentials.-   

  • To deliver innovative ways of building capacity by serving as a bridge between Nigeria’s voluntary community and the social enterprise sector.-       

  • To facilitate the provision of structured support and counsel to the deprived in the society through specialist programs, leveraging on technology.

LFB Strategic Objectives

Our goal at LBF is to maintain a social balance by providing equal

access and opportunities to basic resources that face deprivation due to lack of social amenities, poor health care, high levels of social and civil illiteracy amongst others.We focus on our goal to help communities become self-sufficient while promoting quality education and sustainable commerce and source of revenue options to the less privileged.Independent of political, commercial, military, ethnic or religious objectives and affiliations, LBF promotes the protection and well-being of the humanitarian space. We provide assistance to on the basis of need, regardless of human differences addressing the rights to vulnerable

individuals and communities.

Our Principles

LBF’s Principles are aligned with those of many other humanitarian agencies which include:

Promote empowerment
Work with partners
Ensure accountability and promote responsibility
Address discrimination of all sorts
Seek sustainable results
Promote peace.