Ten years of growth

Celebrating a decade of the Living Fountain Orphanage! On 18th of December, 2018, we marked ten years of delivering emotional care and practical support to vulnerable and orphaned children. We also received and prayerfully cared for HIV affected, orphans, vulnerable children, and marginalized poor people in the community.
We pulled together 2 days of thanksgiving, edutainment, music, drama, dance and food!

It was a good time of reflection on how we have lived our VALUES and our qualify of care of our beloved children.
Our super supporter, volunteers, sponsors and friends joined to offer special thanks to ‘God for all he has done over this decade for the home.

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Saying Goodbye…Sweet & Soar

In the twelve years of protecting and caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children, saying goodbye has never been easy for me. The truth is that bonding comes with each child at their own time. Each of our children is received in diverse circumstances, scenarios and of course, they have their unique stories.

Each child must be cared for based on the child’s needs in terms of health, physical, emotional and yes…spiritual needs. From the moment of arrival, all hands must be on deck to restore, protect, care and love our beloved new member of our family. No time is wasted.

As we pour in our love and care we are reminded that adoption may come up at some point depending on the social investigation and the findings on this our newest member of our family!

Of recent, we have had to say goodbye to seven of our children in two months! It was a mixture of sadness, loss, and joy.

Letting go is not easy. I wouldn’t trade the experience over these twelve solid years for anything.

Give me a..

Subtle Forms of Child Abuse

Subtle Form Child Abuse

If many of us are asked today if you believe you were abused as a child, the answer would be a resounding no. When we hear the term “Child Abuse” we picture children being left to starve with no food or water, children being forced to work and earn a living for themselves or most popularly a child being beaten up almost every day. While all of these do constitute to child abuse, there are other subtler forms that hit just as hard, maybe even harder than a blow to the head or an empty stomach. A lot of people have been abused in their early years and do not even realize it because of how complex it was and often times because these forms of abuse are felt rather than seen, they may be overlooked.

Examples are;

Emotional abuse
Emotional abuse is a form of physiological maltreatment and many parents or caregivers are guilty of emotionally abusing their children without even realizing it. Children are very perceptive and they pick up on moods quickly so imagine h..

Child Education Can Reduce Crime

Child education can reduce crime in our society.
Educating a child is the foundation you lay for a better future because without a good foundation the building collapses. When the root is not well nurtured it won’t bare good fruits, tackling the issues of crime in our society, should start with educating our children because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Child education is very important because it helps in setting a strong mental foundation, it has a way of influencing positive habit in a child, it builds a child’s thinking ability and highlights the possibilities of greater ambitions.

The social, physical and emotional growth of young children has a direct effect on their development as a whole and on the adult they will become, and what child education does is to mold, enhance, nurture, and build a strong foundation for the child’s social, physical and emotional development that prepares them for a lifetime.

Child education enlightens and exposes them to the effect of crime i..

Children lifestyle are inherent

Children have the inherent right to life

Look into the eyes of a child, and you will see the genuineness in a child

They are innocent
They are gullible
They are naive
They are little
They are fun
They are free minded
They are transparent
They have no pressure no matter what they circumstance may look like
You would make them cry and they would still come back to you
They believe in us
They depend on us to fight for them
Then if all this, why would someone still hurt them

You could do anything to a child so long as no one is there and get away with it,
They can’t even explain
They can’t speak for themselves
They believe you care for them, if you pretend to
They are too innocent to suspect
They believe what you tell them
They can be friends with anyone
They don’t think they have enemies, not at all.
They trust anyone close to them, whether good or bad they don’t know
Then why would someone who is suppose to protect them hurt them

Do you have a child placed in your care??
How do you t..

The Magic of Music

Music has the power of shaping the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young Aristotle- Music as art and as an artistic subject affects an individual as a whole. Music Activities stimulate mental and physical development, emotions sense of beauty, creativity, self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

Music learning improves children’s life
Music learning enhance and improves children’s effective (emotion and behavior), psychomotor (minds on –hands on) and cognitive development. Studies have shown that music learning which include both the theory and practical (playing piano, Drums, Recorder, Guitar and other musical instrument and singing) offer essential values such as high intelligent quotient, improved academic performance, emotional development and improved attention span, psychomotor development and in recent times, spiritual development.

In living fountain Orphanage homes, we have adopted music as a tool to help our children grow in all sph..

Adoption process in Nigeria

What is Adoption?
A: Adoption is a legal of placing a child permanently with a parent or parents other than the biological parents. In this process, the parental right of the birth parents are permanently terminated. By adoption, the adoptive parent then assume full legal responsibility for the child. The child thereafter gains the same legal rights as a child born to the adoptive parents.

Adoption means that the relationship between the child and parent is legal and irrevocable by both parties. It makes it a crime for the adoptive parents to abandon the child.It also gives the adoptive parents the legal right to make decisions that influences the child’s destiny, example: the religion of the child, what school to attend, an the modes of discipline that will be used.

A great deal of paperwork is usually involved in adoption. It is an unchanging agreement, Just like a parent-child relationship. However, for most families, adoption is ultimately an act of love and the desire to enrich ..

Sights and sounds of grateful kids

Little innocent children with no parents to watch over them but by the mercies of God and caring arms of the Founder, they can sing praises in appreciation to God.
What about you?
Have you thanked God for all his blessings today?


Download free music by our children

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